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Our aim is to produce the highest-quality transcript. We support our clients in advising them on which recording equipment to use for the exceptional quality of sound. In our profession, we have learned that, the clearer the audio, the more accurate the transcript is.

Affordable Rates

We offer affordable and fair prices to you for transcripts. It doesn’t mean that our cheap prices will get you shoddy work. Rather, our work is of the highest standard keeping your interest in the front.

NDA Policy

We ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality of your files. We have developed a secure network with our trustworthy staff and our renowned non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Policy.

Express Delivery

We offer you superfast delivery with the projects depending on their complexity. We always keep you in the loop regarding the stages of a big project and ensure that our work is delivered accordingly to the timeline.

Accurate, Quick and Affordable

We are accurate, quick and affordable. Our qualified proofreaders are tuned to work at a short notice without compromising an inch on quality


Transcription (trans is to Cross and scripting is to write) refers to longform writing using spoken content. It requires recording (audio or video) the person/ participants in the conversation and later converting the audio to written words (verbatim).


Due to the data overload, content creators often struggle to make their content discoverable. Their content is getting lost in the deluge of new content being added every second. They key challenge is to make this content, both new and achieved, accessible and searchable. This is where META tagging becomes extremely important.


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At GTS, our immaculate Transcription services, including audio/video transcription, subtitling, legal transcription, business and foreign language transcription, along with other specialized transcription services are offered to global businesses that require efficient, high-quality transcription at cost-effective rates.

Transcription Service

Transcription services has many inherent benefits, including the ability to receive affordable, high-quality transcripts in a short turnaround time by taking advantage of time-zone differences. This is coupled with the easy availability of knowledgeable transcriptionists who can understand different global languages and accents


A leading company from which you can expect error free transcripts, as we employ Quality Assurance processes.We will transcribe your sample file within a few hours & send it to you as an email attachment or upload it on our secure FTP.Check our speed & accuracy and compare our work with other providers

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From technical to creative, medical to legal, we have a thorough understanding of most subject matters. Our team of writers have addressed multiple domains and are comfortable transcribing from various global accents, to deliver accurate transcriptions for your business needs.

We follow strict process and quality guidelines, and are adept at managing large projects with short turnaround times.

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