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India is a preferred destination for most organizations who wants translation services at cost-effective rates and receive high-quality, completed works in a short turnaround time. When it comes to outsourcing translation services to India, GTS leaves other similar service providers far behind because years of experience in providing, effective, accurate, and to-the-point translations for global businesses


Global Transolutions is a reputed translation provider which believes that quality is a critical component of every stage of the translation process , We take pride on the accuracy we provide in our services.


We provide accurate and cost-effective translation services to customers across the globe. Our translation services are provided by professional translators with 4 to 10 years of industry experience.

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As companies increasingly go global both in terms of operation and scope, the need for translation further increases as they look to engage with their customers at a more personal level.At GTS, we use professional, human translators to provide our translation services to global business, both large and small. We help you reach out to new customers, while being able to focus on your core objectives of business expansion. Our services include foreign language translation, document translation, legal translation, website translation, and various other translation services.

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