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Website Localization Services

If you want to compete in global markets, you need website localization services. Our team of language experts ensures that your website’s design and text is properly adapted to the format, dialect, and cultural preferences of your new audience, no matter where they’re from. Contact us today – we’re available for you 24/7.

Reach your business’ goals with a tailor-made solution. We offer turn-key website localization services for companies of all sizes and industries. With a team of experts dedicated to your project, we’ll design and implement a winning plan, depending on your language pair, field, and resources.

How it Works

The oldest approach. It consists of creating a version of the website in another language, duplicating, adapting the existing files, and manually uploading them to the server. This approach isn’t recommended if the website has many pages and localized versions, since keeping them consistent across languages would be a manual process relying on developers. 

A snippet-based solution relying on a single line of code. The localized version automatically displays the respective content into the user’s website browser in real time. It makes displaying the content to the right users easier, but still relies on a manual and slow localization process.

The Elements We Localize – Front-End & Back-End

From your logo to your CMS, we localize all components of your website. This way, not only will it appeal to international users, but it’ll also increase productivity, guaranteeing a top-notch working experience for your international team. This integral approach to localization also involves making sure your website is accessible across languages.

We Also Make sure

Website replication

A responsive design is important for beeter user exprience.

JavaScript-based solution

A snippet-based solution relying on a single line of code

CMS without a plug-in

faster than website replication, seizing the advantages of having a dynamic instead of a static website.

Content Management System with a plug-in

CMS with plugin makes exchanging content with your LSP even easier

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