3 branding tips for 2021

When we look at the area of ​​branding, various developments are underway. Relentless competition and constant developments in the technology sector have resulted in a very different view of branding. But what will that look like in 2021? In this article, we try to answer that on the basis of 3 branding tips.

1. Make your brand personal

The customers who buy your product are people. People can relate more easily to other people than to products. In the case of branding, you can do this by making the brand personal. The advantage of this is that people can more easily trust the brand. It should feel as if you know that brand personally. You can personalize your brand in various ways. One of these ways is to use storytelling. What story is behind your company and what does that story have to do with the user? What problem does it solve? How does your company change the world? Another way to personalize your brand is to use social media. Applying so-called Instagram stories ensures that the user sees that there are people behind a company (you build trust with this.)

2. Influencers

Many companies already use influencers and that will not change in 2020. Influencers have the option to urge their supporters to take specific action. If you want to make effective use of this as a company, it is advisable to look at which influencer suits your target group. If that influencer fits your target group, it means that the supporters of that influencer also fit your target group. This ensures that you can appeal to a new part of your target group by means of an influencer.

3. Mobile

A trend that continues to take into account the mobile phone. More and more people look up information using their smartphone and statistics from google keyword planner show that the data traffic from the smartphone is only growing. To ensure that your user experiences the ideal brand experience, your website must be mobile-friendly. For example, you can think of images that have small file size or call to action buttons that are not too large, but also not too small.


The most important thing to consider for your company is that branding in 2021 will mainly focus on the personal click between the brand and the user. This click can occur at various levels: on your website, on your social media page, or through a post from an influencer. Do you want to boost your social media? Check out our social media marketing page!

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